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ATV Drivers

About Us

Singled out as one of the most exciting ATV adventure destinations in Canada, the “great outdoors” surrounding Elliot Lake includes the largest insured ATV trail network in Ontario. Carved through the extraordinary landscape of this unspoiled part of Northern Ontario, Elliot Lake has over 300 kilometres of trails that offer much more than just the thrill of the ride. An ATV adventure in Elliot Lake is an experience that will take you past racing rivers, ancient rock escarpments, and transition forests, that offer more than just the thrill of the ride, but an unfolding journey through the history of a wild and majestic terrain.


Our trails have been designed for riders of all ages, whether seasoned or novice. They are perfect for day trips, overnight stays or extended three- to five-day excursions. As the trails are looped, riders are never more than a short ride from the necessary services and amenities of the city. 


Ride safe and be responsible!
Leave only tracks on the trail
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